Which of your patients are at risk for hereditary cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes?
Discover VALIDATE™, an easy way to improve patient care with less effort for higher reimbursement.

Many of your patients, and their relatives, are at-risk for
hereditary cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


of Americans report cancer
in their family


of cancers may run in families

0 million

Americans may be at risk for hereditary & familial-based cancer

Every American with any family history of cancer should be assessed for their risk. According to a CBS poll, 54% of Americans report cancer in their family.

Each year, there are about 1.8 million new cases of cancer in the U.S. Up to 33% or 600,000 of these people may be diagnosed with hereditary or familial cancer.
As hereditary and familial cancer can be identified at least 30 years in advance, this means that up to 18 million Americans may now be at risk.
1 in 2 men…
1 in 3 women…

…will be diagnosed with cancer.

Heart disease is responsible for one in every three deaths for both sexes and remains the leading cause of death in women as well as men.

0 seconds

is the time it takes for another person to die in the United States from cardiovascular disease. Heart disease affects 47% of the population.

0 million

Americans are at risk for hereditary heart disease. As heart disease can develop over 30 years, it means more than one half of the population is at risk for hereditary heart disease.


of all heart disease risk stems from genetic factors In a 2019 study, the role of genetics was found to be much more than was previously understood.

Men will get first heart attack at an average age of


Women will get first heart attack at an average age of


Type 2 diabetes most often develops in people over age 45, but more and more children, teens, and young adults are also developing it.

0 million

Americans have diabetes.


of the US population has diabetes.

0 million
Americans are pre-diabetic.

Discover VALIDATE™, an AI-powered, EHR-integrated, Conversational Interface-driven, patient data collection and risk assessment solution expertly built and artfully designed with you and your patients in mind.

Provide smarter patient care, in less time, with decreased effort, for more money.


Virtual Agent Linked Intelligent​ Disease Assessment Tool Engine™

The Perfect Medical Interviewer™

VALIDATE™ Will Help Doctors​

Benefits of VALIDATE™

  • Automates collection of their patients’ three-generation family and personal medical histories
  • Delivers and integrates data into the EHR system
  • Helps identify which patients are at risk for which cancer, heart disease or type 2 diabetes based on point of care augmented intelligence​
  • Simplifies payor approvals
  • Increases reimbursement three ways
  • Meets all regulatory requirements, e.g. HIPAA

VALIDATE​™ will help you provide smarter patient care, in less time, with decreased effort, for more money.


A patent-pending solution that provides physicians with point-of-care interpretation of family cancer history to identify their patients meeting referral guidelines for hereditary cancer, heart disease or type 2 diabetes predisposition assessment based on national medical associations’ published guidelines.

Family History Does Matter

A detailed family history is the first step in screening because it can identify at-risk individuals and their relatives as many as thirty years earlier.

  builds an 80-person family tree in an average 3-4 minutes per user.​

Clinical Modules

  • VALIDATE​™ Hereditary and Familial Cancer Risk
  • VALIDATE​™ Cancer Risk Factors
  • VALIDATE​™ Cardiology/Stroke Risk
  • VALIDATE​™ Depression Risk
  • VALIDATE​™ Social Determinants of Health Risks
  • VALIDATE​™ Lifestyle Risk

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Your patients will​

Soap Health believes that happier patients
make happier doctors.

was built with patients in mind because they can:

  • Answer questions pre-visit from anywhere they want at their convenience.
  • Start, pause, and stop the session at will. Continue when they are ready.
  • Get clear explanations of more difficult questions​.​
  • Have more time and receive support to contact knowledgeable relatives for help answering family medical questions.​
  • Enjoy the conversational interface and highly intuitive images provided by One-Click Medical™ and VST (Visual+Speech+Touch)™, our proprietary approaches to faster question understanding and answering.​
  • Maybe laugh a little with our Medi-tainment™, short for medical entertainment, proprietary system.​​
  • Decrease cancer’s tolls on them and their families as the cost of treating early discovered cancer is a small fraction of more advanced treatment with far less pain and suffering.​​​

Your patients can choose to engage with VALIDATE™ by smartphone, tablet or computer.

Patient Facing Innovations

The Perfect Medical Interviewer™

A full bodied, animated conversational human-like agent that makes it easy for patients to answer medical questions at their own pace like they are speaking to the most patient health care professional they ever met. The agent also can understand certain voice responses.

One Click Medical™

A patent-pending approach of combining conversational-agent voice guidance with highly intuitive answer images for improving patient understanding of the questions being asked and helping a patient more confidently answer a question in a faster, easier, and more enjoyable manner.

VST (Visual-Sight-Touch)™

A patent pending new way of engaging a patient’s use of his or her three of four senses, i.e., seeing, hearing, and touching, so that the patient is more involved and attentive to the questions being asked. This is expected to improve the accuracy of the answers given.


Answering medical questions is typically boring. Our patent-pending approach makes the process more enjoyable by adding entertainment such as an occasional joke or humorous comment. A patient can also have off-topic conversations about a wide range of topics.

Soap Health has received support from:


“The amount of information about genetics has become too large and complex for anyone clinician to understand and remember. Bringing the computer into the equation to decrease workload and improve the quality of care is a brilliant approach and needs to be taken advantage of.”

Physician Leader, Massachusetts General Hospital

“Soap Health supports increased access to genetic counseling services by providing innovative ways to capture more patients at risk for hereditary cancer syndromes and can help streamline and simplify the genetic information and genetic testing process for patients and clinicians.”

Manager, Genetic Counselors

“Significant role in addressing a serious gap in medical care not only in family history and genetic testing but also in a number of other areas where informed/shared decision making is important.”

Chief Medical Officer, Health Advocacy Group

“The medical community would greatly benefit from a tool that helps collect detailed family history in a patient-friendly and cost-effective manner and provides decision-support as to what testing could benefit the patient.”

Professor and Physician, NYU Medical School

“I literally have seen thousands of innovative ideas and products and this is clearly one that has been well thought through and has such a potential to impact the live of patients literally everywhere giving them a realistic understanding of future health risks.”

VP of Innovation, Major Health Care System

“Physicians today don’t have the time or training to gather and analyze a detailed family history in order to determine which, if any, genetic tests would support the ultimate goal of providing their patients with the most precise and timely care. We are excited that VALIDATE presents a compelling solution to this problem. Not only will the tool help streamline the workflow of the patient visit it will also employ state-of-the-art patient engagement techniques to help collect accurate information on a complicated topic.”

CEO, Genetics Patient Advocacy Association

“The medical community would greatly benefit from a tool that helps collect detailed family history in a patient-friendly and cost-effective manner and provides decision-support as to what testing could benefit the patient.”

Researcher and Physician, Stanford Healthcare

“The promise of VALIDATE is that it is a tool that addresses barriers to implementation, e.g. improved physician workflow, clinical validity and utility, additional reimbursement, and seamless integration, and has the highest probability of finally bringing to market an eloquent solution that results in the appropriate screening of every at-risk patient, and
their affected relatives.”

Genetic Counselor, Ohio State University

“A highly innovative and promising strategy for integrating cancer genetic risk assessment into general medical practice.”

Associate Professor, Stanford Medicine

“Soap Health has the potential to hasten the integration of genetic testing and risk assessment into regular clinical practice with significantly improved healthcare outcomes, while, importantly, reducing physician workload.”

Innovation Leader, Harvard

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