Fall in love with medicine again

Finally, the support and assistance you need to practice medicine the way you always intended. More time making eye contact with patients, less time working on the computer.

Say goodbye to burnout and cognitive overload, and say hello to higher revenue and decreased liability exposure.

Your patients will thank you, your payers will thank you, and your family will ask “What are you doing home so early?”

Doctor Benefits

The Ideal Medical AI Assistant™

Never Misses Work • Highly Reliable • Always Effective

Saves physicians’ and assistants’ time by documenting up to 90% of a clinical encounter and reduces “no-shows.”

Reduces by 12 minutes per patient intake and documentation time; integrates final SOAP note into your EHR system.


Helps identify patients at risk for early cancers, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, etc.

More detailed histories increase prior approvals of diagnostic and surveillance studies and allow ordering of pre-visit lab work.

Increases E&M reimbursement for physicians and health systems by identifying increased medical complexity.

AI-support reduces liability exposure, improves early disease detection, and helps meet all regulatory requirements, e.g. HIPAA.

Doctor Benefits

You didn’t go to medical school to write patient notes

Time is the most valuable thing you have.
Now you’ll have more of it.

Time to advance your medical knowledge

Time to provide your patients with cutting edge care

Time to get paid more for better care

Time to eat slower

Time to get to know your patients better

Time to take a deep breath

What are you waiting for?

Only you can help yourself by implementing SOAP Health’s Ideal Medical Assistant™ in your practice

The best part of Medicine is seeing a smile on your patient’s face

The Ideal Medical Assistant™ will let you practice at the top of your license, which is sure to brighten many a patient face. You don’t need to go it alone any longer, help has arrived.

Doctor Benefits


Doctor Benefits

“The amount of information about genetics has become too large and complex for anyone clinician to understand and remember. Bringing the computer into the equation to decrease workload and improve the quality of care is a brilliant approach and needs to be taken advantage of.”

Physician Leader

Massachusetts General Hospital

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