Happy Patient, Happy Doctor

Patients will love creating a personal health record where they can store their entire personal and family medical history.

Patients will love having time to answer questions more carefully and even consulting more knowledgeable relatives for their family history.

Patients will love knowing that you cared enough to implement technology that can save their lives and reduce their costs.

Patient Benefits

While medical knowledge continues to expand, your patients will rest easier knowing you are keeping up

Their own personal health record

Patients no longer have to keep repeating the same information. Now, it will be in a form they can easily share with all their doctors.

Risks identified that can save their lives

Most misdiagnoses happen in the presence of known risk factors. Identifying these risks allows patients and you to take preventive actions.

More accurate and actionable data

Interviews performed at the patient’s leisure and convenience tend to be more accurate, comprehensive and truthful

Patients put their lives and trust in your hands. They will be so glad they chose you.

With the Ideal Medical Assistant™ you are not only looking out for yourself and your practice, but you are also looking out for your patients best interests and welfare by improving early disease risk detection and diagnosis.

Patient Benefits

The best move you can make on behalf of your patients is clearing some cognitive space

Your patients will​ love SOAP

Patient Benefits

After completing an intake, your patients will now have all their important health data in one database of their own

Patients feel more comfortable discussing potentially embarrassing information with the Ideal Medical Assistant™

They can pause the interview anytime and gather more information

Patients will appreciate the thoroughness of the interview

A conversation with a knowledgeable family member can identify previously unknown hereditary health issues.

Patients are empowered to spend more time on getting their health histories right and up to date

Less time in the waiting room means less exposure to other ill patients

Carefully vetted humor is sure to bring a smile to their faces

Patients will now have have time to carefully consider responses improving accuracy

Finally, patients will have a comprehensive family history to share with all their physicians

How often do you come across an opportunity to improve both your and your patients’ wellbeing?