Startup Showcase: SOAP Health Revolutionizes Patient Intake with AI-Powered Diagnosis


Welcome to’ exclusive startup showcase, where we unveil groundbreaking companies that are revolutionizing industries. In this edition, we shine the spotlight on SOAP Health, a Florida-based startup that is transforming the way patient intake is conducted. Combining cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology with clinically validated methods, SOAP Health offers a comprehensive solution that improves diagnosis accuracy and empowers patients and physicians alike. Join us as we explore SOAP Health’s innovative approach to healthcare and the potential impact it holds for the industry.

The Power of AI in Patient Intake:

SOAP Health understands the critical role that patient intake plays in accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. By harnessing the power of AI, SOAP’s advanced patient intake system goes beyond traditional methods to provide a comprehensive assessment of disease risk and symptoms. Leveraging a patented AI algorithm, SOAP Health analyzes vast amounts of patient data to identify potential health risks, enabling physicians to make informed decisions at the point of care.

Empowering Patients and Physicians:

With SOAP Health’s AI-powered platform, both patients and physicians gain valuable insights that enhance their decision-making capabilities. SOAP Health captures and analyzes detailed patient data before the visit, ensuring that physicians have access to comprehensive information. By presenting risk assessment in a graphical format, SOAP Health simplifies complex data, enabling physicians to understand the patient’s condition more effectively. This augmented intelligence drives improved clinical decision-making and ultimately leads to better patient outcomes.

Streamlined Documentation and Increased Productivity:

One of the key advantages of SOAP Health’s platform is its ability to simplify the documentation process for physicians. SOAP’s system automatically generates a 90% completed SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) Note, reducing the time spent on manual data entry. This streamlined documentation improves doctor productivity, allowing them to focus more on patient care. Additionally, SOAP Health’s electronic delivery ensures accurate and timely transmission of patient information, further enhancing the efficiency of healthcare workflows.


SOAP Health, founded in 2019, is at the forefront of a healthcare revolution. By leveraging AI-powered patient intake, SOAP Health transforms clinical decision-making, empowering both patients and physicians with valuable insights. With a mission to improve patient care, enhance productivity, and reduce liability exposure, SOAP Health is poised to reshape the healthcare landscape.

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